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Streamline support account creation

The process of signing up for support on here is a bit tiresome, it would be good to have a single sign-on or at least auto create a helpdesk account when you create a phpfog account.


Also the password requirements are way too strict, I'm almost definitely going to forget it (which, for some users would prompt them to write it down).


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I can agree with the SSO, or maybe even OpenID (Google, Yahoo, or even Facebook) authentication. But you lost me with the password. AppFog follows basic conventions for password strength and I believe they should be followed with every single site.  If it's that difficult for you to remember a new password then I recommend using Symantec Verisign labs PIP (Personal Identity Portal). They have a 1 click sign on bookmarklet that's really cool. Best of all, you don't have to remember your password (only the one for your PIP account.

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I'd like to see enforced OpenID. If I am only allowed to login with Google, that protects my account using 2-factor authentication, which is far more secure than using just passwords.

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